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What are the dried fruits of Xinjiang

1. Raisins
After drying into raisins, the water is further evaporated and the sweetness is even stronger. When you bite into one, you can sometimes even see the sugar crystals inside.
2. Thin-skinned Walnuts
Xinjiang walnuts, along with lentils, cashews and hazelnuts, are known as the "Four Dried Fruits" of the world. Walnuts are rich in nutrients, and contain a variety of trace elements and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron, which are beneficial to the human body and can strengthen the brain, and are known as "longevity" and "longevity fruit".
3. Batan wood
Batan wood is one of the most popular dried fruits in Xinjiang ethnic groups, Batan wood eat crisp and refreshing, delicious, chew anything, but also to prolong life, Batan wood nutritional value is very high, it is said that its nutrition is six times higher than the same weight of beef, and eating Batan wood has the effect of moisturizing the intestines and skin protection.
4. Dried figs
The most famous figs in Xinjiang are in Atushi. After the figs are dried and made into dried figs, as dried fruit, there is a rich sweet smell in the mouth, and the internal seeds are in the form of small grains.
5. Red dates
The main varieties of jujube in Xinjiang are the chunjube, ashjube and zanhuangjube. It is also known as the Hetian jujube, the Ruoqiang jujube, and the Hami jujube.
6. Dried Apricots
The dried apricots of Xinjiang are thick and thin, juicy and sweet, and have high nutritional value. The flesh is very thick, and when squeezed by hand, the flesh is firm and elastic. The fructose stains the outer skin with an uneven caramel color, which looks exquisitely clear in the sunlight. Dried apricots are rich in nutrients, taste and beauty, more suitable for lung and cough, fresh fruit round like a pearl, yellow like gold, small but full, strong meat, pure sweet, almond, extra fragrant.
7. Pistachio
Pistachio fruit, because it is easy to shell, crisp, sweet and fragrant and loved by many tourists. The taste of pistachios is very special, very fragrant and a little natural salty, eaten crisp, full of flavor, can replenish the calories, and contains a sufficient amount of fiber and minerals.
There are countless dried fruits in the vast territory of Xinjiang, so here are some of the common ones

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