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How long can dried fruits be stored?

Ripened nuts are more resistant to storage, but because of its higher oil content, one is to prevent him from oxidation, so we must take some isolation packaging, such as vacuum packaging ah, nitrogen-filled packaging ah, and then to control its moisture, temperature, to be placed in a low-temperature dry place. Add antioxidants or deoxidants, sealed in a cool, dry place, so that the shelf life can be extended to about 12 months.
If you do not do special treatment, put it in a cool dry place, usually about 6-8 months.
When buying bagged dried fruits in supermarkets, don't trust the shelf life. Most of the dried fruits are packed in ordinary bags, and most of the critical dried fruits have a shelf life of 1 year, and some have a shelf life of 18 months. Professor Nong Shaozhuang from the College of Food of Dalian University of Technology introduced that the critical period for foods with a shelf life of 1 year or longer is 45 days before expiration. Buy critical shelf life of dried fruits do not have to be too nervous, almost to the period of time before the shelf life, does not mean that the food can not be eaten, or safety has been reduced, you can buy a moderate amount of less, but do not want to buy too much cheap.
If the storage temperature is too high, even if not after the shelf life, but also easy to spoil the smell of harshness, many bags of dried fruit in the spring has been harsh when the bag is opened, so the last not over the summer.
When buying, be sure to carefully distinguish the choice, vacuum packaging than ordinary bag sealing, so it is best to choose vacuum packaging. If the bag is ordinary, you can weigh the weight, if the weight is light, it means that the seal is not good, the phenomenon of water loss, the dried fruit inside is likely to have fat oxidation, do not buy as much as possible. Different dried fruits have different conditions of deterioration and oxidation. Dried fruits with shells are slightly slower to oxidize than those without shells. Eat them as soon as possible after buying them, but do not consume too much at once.

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