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How to preserve dried fruits for a long time

How to keep dried fruit for a long time

How to keep dried fruit for a long time, in daily life, dried fruit as a popular snack, not only has a unique flavor, and a wide variety, want to keep the flavor of dried fruit, the first thing to know how to keep dried fruit for a long time, then come together to see how to keep dried fruit for a long time.

How to preserve dried fruit for a long time 1
Although the dried fruit belongs to the dried goods, but generally have not gone through the preservative treatment. In addition, the fat content of the nuts is relatively high, it is easy to be oxidized in the air, which is commonly known as a smell of haram. In addition, dried fruit in a humid environment may also mold, mold and oxidation of mold and grease oxides are harmful to the body, and will promote aging.

General dried fruit in a large number of transport may take vacuum packaging, can be isolated to a certain extent from oxygen, to prevent the oxidation process of dried fruit in fat, but also to inhibit the growth of bacteria. However, in the sales process due to the storage conditions are not strict, can also lead to the deterioration of dried fruit. When preserved at home, there are often no professional storage conditions, which makes it easier for dried fruits to deteriorate and become moldy. When preserving dried fruits, they should be treated differently according to the type of dried fruits. Dried fruits with intact shells and no damage can be preserved for a longer period of time.

However, nowadays, for the sake of convenience, the shells of many dried fruits are artificially damaged before leaving the factory and the nuts are exposed to the air, so that even the dried fruits that do not seem to deteriorate easily will deteriorate and become moldy under the humid and high temperature environment.

How to store dried fruits

For the dried fruits brought home, if you can't finish them in the short term, you should put them in small bags in moisture-proof packaging and store them in the refrigerator or freezer.

If you want to keep dried fruits for a longer period of time, the choice of container is very important. Dried fruits are recommended to be stored in sealed glass jars or metal boxes, such as clean tea buckets, milk powder buckets, at a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius or below, and if the indoor temperature is high, they can be sealed and refrigerated. Try to minimize contact with air and moisture, dried fruits are susceptible to odor penetration, and should be stored with food with irritating odors, such as green onions, garlic, strongly scented fruits, seafood, detergents, etc. Usually a 300g can of dried fruit can be preserved by placing a small packet (5-10g) of desiccant.

Who is not suitable to eat dried fruit

1, allergic people.

It is important to note that a very small number of people have allergic reactions to dried fruit, resulting in itchy skin, swelling of the throat and other reactions, which can be fatal in severe cases. Where such patients should be strictly prohibited from eating the corresponding dried fruit.

2, diarrhea patients.

Dried fruit is also rich in dietary fiber and a lot of oil, has a strong "slippery" effect. Anyone who is experiencing diarrhea, acute infection of the digestive tract, as well as fat indigestion, should temporarily avoid eating dried fruit.

3, throat disease patients.

Dried fruit is usually cooked by baking and stir-frying, or even deep-fried, and sprinkled with salt, easy to cause the mouth and throat dry feeling. Therefore, laryngitis, mouth ulcers and other patients should eat as little as possible or do not eat baked, fried, fried dried fruit. You can consider eating raw dried fruit, or eat cooked dried fruit.

4, children.

Since dried fruit is in the form of large particles, not easy to chew, children may eat because of choking, coughing, laughing and other slip into the organs, causing serious safety incidents. Therefore, preschool children eating dried fruit should be taken care of by adults, especially for children under 3 years of age, swallowing control is not yet mature, it is best to eat dried fruit in pieces to avoid danger.

Precautions for consuming dried fruits

The normal shelf life of dried fruit is 240 days. However, no matter how long the dried fruit has been stored, as long as it has a harsh smell, it should not be consumed. Because the smell of harsh dried fruit has been oxidation and rancidity, long-term consumption will cause damage to certain metabolic enzyme systems in the body, leading to premature brain failure or dementia, and also has a negative impact on the heart.

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Put in a glass jar

When preserving nuts, it is best to put the nuts into a glass bottle, because the glass bottle can be isolated from the air, although plastic bottles can also do this, but in the long-term storage process, the plastic bottle will release carcinogens.

Make sure the glass bottle is dry

Before putting nuts into glass bottles, make sure the bottles are clean and free of moisture by brushing them and placing them in the sun.

Seal and store

After putting all the nuts into the bottle, seal the bottle to avoid direct contact with the air, thus prolonging the storage time of the nuts.

No exposure to sunlight

The outer shell of the nuts will be easily cracked under sunlight, which will affect the taste of the nuts inside, so the nuts should be kept in a cool and dry place.

Kernels should be separated from the nuts with shells

Generally speaking, the outer shells of nuts will be dirty, so we should store the shelled nuts in a different place from the shelled ones.

Appropriate use of desiccant

If you want to preserve the nuts for a long time, you can fill the bottle with desiccant, preferably a non-hazardous one.

This is because the desiccant is in direct contact with the nuts. If the desiccant contains harmful ingredients, it is likely that the harmful ingredients will invade the nuts during the long storage process.

Argan (dried fruit) cold storage methods and storage temperature requirements.

1, temperature requirements

The lower the storage temperature of the nuts (dried fruit), the longer the shelf life of the nuts (dried fruit), therefore, storage temperature to 0 ~ 10 ℃ is good, generally should not exceed 10 ℃, because the high temperature will accelerate the deterioration of nuts (dried fruit).

2, humidity requirements

Argan (dried fruit) relative humidity of the cold storage should be controlled at 55%-70% appropriate, such as excessive humidity can be properly ventilated, in order to maintain a stable humidity in the library.

3、Gas requirements

In order to prevent the nuts (dried fruit) in the storage process of oxidation and nutrient loss, the library air-conditioning indicators, oxygen content should be maintained at 1% to 2%, carbon dioxide concentration control at 80%.

As long as the nuts (dried fruit) in accordance with the laws of change in physiological activities, take the corresponding storage measures to meet the nuts (dried fruit) storage required by the environmental conditions, will be able to ensure the storage effect, to obtain better economic benefits.

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