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Heilongjiang: "Hailin Hericium erinaceus" has obtained the national geographic indication product certification

Recently, "Hericium erinaceus" was officially approved as a geographical indication product by the AQSIQ, which filled in the gap of the city's geographical indication product and made Hailin "the hometown of Hericium erinaceus in China" worthy of its name. "Hailin Hericium erinaceus" successfully applied for geographical indication products, marking a new development stage of the city's Hericium erinaceus industry.

Farmers in Hailin City, Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Province have a tradition of planting "Hericium erinaceus". In recent years, the industry of "Hericium erinaceus" has formed a large-scale development, which has become an important way to activate the rural economy and drive farmers to increase their income and become rich. For many years, the output of Hericium erinaceus has ranked first in China. In order to effectively protect the brand of "Hericium erinaceus", effectively improve the popularity and market competitiveness of "Hericium erinaceus", drive and guide the industry of Hericium erinaceus to standardized and large-scale development, Hailin City started the declaration of "Hericium erinaceus erinaceus" national geographical indication products in 2015, and the market supervision and Administration Bureau of Hailin City will carry out the relevant work of declaration. It is understood that the review includes the scope of origin, geographical, climatic and water features, as well as the popularity, historical origin, product planting, production and sales of Hericium erinaceus.

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