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It turns out that this is the better way for soy sauce chicken to eat. It's so delicious that it can't stop eating

Soy sauce chicken is a traditional food with Guangdong characteristics. It tastes tender and delicious, which makes people want to eat more and more. In addition, during this period, the price of pork has increased a lot. At this time, a chicken is a good choice. The delicious soy sauce chicken tastes great.

As a small weave that likes to eat meat, I also have no "resistance" to delicious soy sauce chicken, and I like to eat it very much. This time, learning that our chef is going to make soy sauce chicken, Xiaobian immediately runs to the kitchen and waits for the appearance of delicious food. And when our chef is making this kind of food, he also specially matches with Taoyuan Jianmin watermelon sauce, which makes the taste more wonderful. Next, let's simply say that this is the best way to make soy sauce chicken taste better. It's so delicious that it can't stop eating.

Delicious chicken with soy sauce

Ingredients: Baitiao chicken, Taoyuan Jianmin watermelon sauce, salt, cooking wine, white sugar, onion, ginger, soy sauce, laoshao, shiitake, coriander


1. We need to clean the whole white chicken, wash it, drain the water, and then put some salt on the chicken;

2. Then wash the green onion and cut it into scallions; wash the ginger and cut it into pieces; wash the mushroom and cut it into pieces; wash the coriander and cut it into pieces;

3. Take a clean small bowl and pour in a proper amount of soy sauce, Taoyuan Jianmin watermelon paste, soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, ginger powder and onion powder. Mix well and mix them into seasoning juice for use.

4. Then put some seasoning juice on the white striped chicken which has been drained and salted, marinate for a period of time, and reserve;

5. Then put ginger slices and scallion into the pot, put in the remaining sauce, put in the right amount of soy sauce, put in the marinated chicken, and pour in the right amount of water;

6. Then cover the pot again, cook for a period of time, turn it over several times in the middle, and let the chicken heat evenly. After the chicken is cooked, pull it out and cut it into pieces, sprinkle some scallions, then;

After you see such delicious soy sauce chicken, are you all ready to move? There is a soy sauce chicken tutorial prepared by Xiaobian for you. When we eat it again, we will match it with the fragrant peach garden Jianmin watermelon sauce, which tastes better. I believe you can also make delicious soy sauce chicken.

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